Savage Tide Adventure Path

City of Broken Idols
The Battle of Taboo Island

The assault on the Taboo Temple has begun and already it has claimed more victims. Utan and his cohort were caught in the area of effect of a Symbol of Death inscribed upon the entrance of the temple. This may have been avoided had not the half-orc, gunslinger, and aasimar not barreled down the corridor to engage the new threat.

It seems the enemy was prepared to meet the heroes. Their actions and tactics seem to be very well coordinated. Is it possible that there is a leader of these foul and corrupt beings. We will find out as the team explores the inner chambers of the temple.

XP award per PC: 4278

Here There Be Monsters

Among the items found or acquired during the last session:

10 Doses Giant Centipede Poison DC22, 1d3 Dex per round for 6 minutes, 1 save.
+1 Longspear
Red Granite Cylinder

Experience Awarded per character 3940 points.

Sea Wyvern's Wake Part 6
The Last Leg

At long last the Isle of Dread is spotted on the horizon. However, so too are dark storm clouds. A tropical storm is bearing down on the two ships as they race for the safe harbor of Farshore. Unfortunately the voyage comes to a violent close as the crews of the Sea Wyvern and Purity’s Prow battle mother nature herself in an epic struggle for survival. At just over a hundred miles the two vessels are caught in the storm’s fury. Both captains and their crews battled torrential rain and howling winds in an effort to keep off the dangerous reefs guarding the island. Green water washed some crewman overboard. yet were rescued by the valiant adventures within minutes. (GM note: I awarded additional experience points for your character’s heroic actions to the session total.)


A final storm surge tossed the Sea Wyvern onto what was known as Masher Reef. It is said to be the home of 50’ long fish that eat coral and are fiercely territorial. What was in the waters was far more dangerous. A nesting elasmosaurus and her offspring had eaten the mashers and taken up residence in the rich hunting ground. Not long after the ship crashed onto the reef did the beasts investigate. Captain Venkali was the first victim of the reptiles as she was snatched from her post and eaten alive before the very eyes of the halfling ninja. She fled below to warn the rest of the crew. The first mate and a few crewman went on deck to battle the beast as well as several party members. It wasn’t long before more seaman were eaten and even the mighty Mako was laid low. The smaller dinosaurs tried making off with his body but were stopped by the heroic efforts of his companions.The other elasmosaurs were killed or driven off. Which left the crew to the task of preventing the caravel from sinking before reaching the beach a quarter mile away.

The chapter closed with Mr Gibbs reporting that the Wyverns back was broken and nothing short of a dry dock would make her seaworthy again. Also there was no sign of the Prow since she disappeared from view in the storm. An accounting of hands showed that at least ten were missing and presumed dead. Much of the cargo was also water damaged, leaving durable goods as the bulk of recoverable items.

Experience Log
Loot Log

Session experience was 20,000 points divided among 4 characters for a share of 5,000 each.

Sea Wyvern Part 5
The End of Journey's End

Still mired in the strangling weeds known as Journey’s End, the Azure Champions make for the heart of the Sargasso. They also search for the Blue Nixie during the trek. No sign of the vessel is found. However, one other famous vessel is found, The Morningstar, presumed to be lost at sea many years ago. It is the ship of the famed Captain Madsen “The Mad” Atirr. He was on the first expedition to the Isle of Dread. As legend had it he had returned to the dread isle and mapped its coastline. The ship was never seen or heard from again. The ninja is sent in to investigate. She returned with several items of historical value.
The mountain of seaweed in the center of Journey’s End is finally reached. There the heroes find a weed encrusted vessel known as the Thunderer. They make their way into the bowels of the vessel and find two massive chests and an iron strongbox. Arianna checked for traps and was sure she did not find any. After picking the old lock she opened the black lacquered chest triggering a magical trap. The ninja and some of the party are engulfed briefly in magical fire. Slightly toasted the ninja finds a few items of incredible value within. She moved to the second chest determined not to get blasted again. Overwatching her was the Dragon Disciple, a new hero in the party. While in the midst of opening the second chest the two are attacked by vine horrors in the small compartment. The others rush to their aid. The blast of heat had apparently awakened the foul plant beasts. Several more also oozed into the main cargo hold intent upon destroying the invaders.
The first two killer weeds were firmly engaged by Mako and Ben when the assault from the main hold began in earnest. Outnumbered the party battled animated vines and horrid seaweed beasts. The battle was going against the party until the wizard managed to entangle the vine horrors in some tentacles of his own. Tied down the weeds were soon turned to paste by the party’s warriors.
After battling through the minions the mother of all was also dispatched in fine order. The power holding the massive floating Sargasso Island was snuffed out when its heart was slain. Much as the heroes surmised. Luckily they were able to recover the chest’s contents and the strongbox before the Thunderer slipped beneath the waves. Journey’s End released its grip on the Sea Wyvern and the Purity’s Prow and they continued the voyage to the Isle of Dread.

Sea Wyvern's Wake
The Voyage South


After leaving the Tamoachan ruins and dealing with a near mutiny at the hands of a lovely but deadly sinister succubus who went by the name of Anya. We find the crew of the Sea Wyvern making sail for the Olman Isles in an attempt to run the Crimson Brotherhood’s blockade.

Consulting with Captain Venkalie, Mako and the rest of the intrepid heroes prepare for combat after Arianna spots red sails on the horizon twelve miles off the port bow. New to the Azure Champions is Uthanrah Haleettln (Uran) an elven wizard and his faithful companion Compy. A plan is made as the Vanderboren squadron closes with the vile Crimson Corsairs. Uran casts a few spells and the heroes alight upon the wind to bring the fight to the Purity’s Prow. Meanwhile the Blue Nixie and her sister the Sea Wyvern break to port and engage Besmara’s Blessing.

Flying over the waves invisibly the Azure Champions drop onto the command deck of their target surprising the captain and his officers. Swift work is made of the Crimson Captain and his number one. Mako smashes Captain Lars in the chest, caving in the man’s ribcage dropping him in the first twelve seconds of combat. The first mate also falls under the fatal blows of the psychic warrior’s hammer. The ship’s mage vainly attempts to defend himself only to be cut down by Michael’s katana. Sandra Quinn, the enemy ship’s chaplain, begs for mercy as when she throws down her weapons and parlays for the life of the crew. After the dust settles on the Prow, the Sea Wyvern and Blue Nixie managed to catch the Blessing in a crossfire. The Sea Wyvern scores a victory when she hits the enemy ship’s magazine destroying it in a massive blast leaving splintered timber and burning flotsam in its wake. Cecil and Uran make a quick assessment of the enemy crew and assign a prize crew to Purity’s Prow. The squadron now at three vessels heads toward Fort Greenrock where stores will be replenished.

Two days after the engagement with the Crimson Corsairs, the wreckage of a ship is spotted dead ahead. The heroes investigate. After a short swim, Mako recovers a ships log, cargo, and crew manifests. He also finds a strange piece of metal lodged in the hull of the derelict. He pulls this loose as well and returns to the Wyvern. The logs are poured over and it is noted that the Sea Ghost had recently stopped at Fort Greenrock where they took on cargo and some passengers. The chunk of metal seemed to be of an unusual manufacture. It had small holes evenly spaced along its perimeter and was maybe 3/8 to half an inch thick.

On the fourth day smoke is spotted on the coast where Fort Greenrock should be. Purity’s Prow is dispatched to investigate. Upon inspection by spyglass it is determined the outpost was attacked and destroyed. A shore party is put ashore to investigate. The palisades are torn down and most of the buildings are burned or still aflame. The main building too is nothing but ash. Hundreds of black fletched arrows indicate the post was attacked by lizardfolk. Eerily there is much blood but no bodies. Inspection of the ground reveals reptilian tracks leading all directions into the nearby jungle. What is also evident the no human footprints leave the grounds. The stores are also destroyed except for flour and other grains. These are loaded into the longboats and returned to the squadron. Captain Venkalie decides it is too risky to attempt a rescue of any survivors citing the dense jungle as the perfect place to become lizard food. She grumbles about how stupid it was to have a poorly guarded outpost like this in the first place. Remembering what they read in the Sea Ghost’s log it seems the logs and manifests where falsified. Which still leaves question weighing on the minds of the heroes.
Leaving Fort Greenrock behind the next stop is the Atikula River where freshwater stores are to be refilled. Miss Vanderboren mentions that it is a picturesque stop with a 90 foot waterfall and could be a chance for anyone to refresh themselves with a swim in the clear waters.


All is well as Merry and Michael explore the falls. Merry takes a shower under the falls while Michael checks the nearby jungle. Mako, Uran, Mr. Gibbs are filling water barrels when they are attacked from beneath by a huge twelve headed hydra. Mako is nearly torn apart by the beast. Uran dives overboard knowing he stood no chance in a melee fight and Mr. Gibbs tries to row away. The wizard summons a large crocodile to attack the creature. Seeing its food slipping away the hydra sets upon poor Mr. Gibbs nearly tearing him limb from limb. Michael runs back to the edge of the jungle frantically signaling the crew of the Prow to engage the beast. He then leapt into the water in an attempt to rescue Mr. Gibbs and Mako from certain doom. Merry also swam toward the blood stained waters praying to her patron. She is answered and channels healing energies to her companions. Mako is stabilized and saved from drowning by Merry’s prayers. Michael managed to make it to Mr. Gibbs’ longboat and places himself between the hydra and the sailing master. Uran blasts the beast with a well-placed fireball and the crew manages to score to hits with their cannon. Soon Cecil riding on the back of a dolphin arrives and fully heals both Mako and Mr. Gibbs. The beast is soon finished by katana and hammer blows. Mako follows the sinking carcass to the bottom to harvest the heads of the hydra. While below he finds a treasure chest and a strange cloak. The party returns to the Sea Wyvern and Purity’s Prow where they exam the contents of the chest and the cloak. With food supplies needing replenishment the ships continue southeast along the coast to the Axuxal Islands. Miss Vanderboren has planned some shore leave there before the last leg of the journey to Farshore.
During the cruise to the Axuxal Islands the strange yellow lights are spotted again at night. The Sea Ghost log also mentioned these lights. Purity’s Prow and the Sea Wyvern attempt to investigate, only to be evaded by the phenomenon.

Upon arrival at Renkrue on the eastern most of the Axuxal Islands the small fleet is greeted by hundreds of canoes full of Olman tribesman. They welcome the crews and invite everyone to their humble village. The day is spent gathering supplies for the last leg of the journey. Additionally, the heroes seek out the priests at the St. Cuthbert mission in an effort to cure Arianna of her dread affliction. Unfortunately, the priest that could have helped died three years ago of a strange jungle malady. The priest that is here is only able to offer his prayers. Captain Venkalie, Mako, Michael, Uran, Cecil, and even Arianna are invited to a feast in their honor. At the break of dawn the ships way anchor and strike for the blue waters of the Volhoun Ocean and their destination, Farshore colony.

Four days of clear skies and strong winds are marred in the evening by gathering storm clouds and driving winds. With turning back not an option the ships prepare for the worst. Howling winds and rain soon began to whip the vessels. The decks are awash in green water the Captains order all non-essential crew below and life lines to be rigged. The winds whips the sea into a stinging spray and visibility is almost nil. All three ship desparately try to remain on course. During the eight hour squall sight of the Blue Nixie is lost. However, the Sea Wyvern and her prize carry on through the storm. As dawn breaks so does the storm. The Nixie is nowhere to be seen and it is discovered that the both ship have been blown off course by over a hundred miles. It takes most of the day to make the course corrections and continue the voyage south. Uran dispatched air elementals to search for the Nixie, they return with no sign of the vessel. The crew is concerned that she may be lost to the storm. Captain Venkalie squashes such rumormongering and reminds all that the mission is to resupply the colony. “There are many lives at stake if we do not complete our task!”, she charges.


Another two days of clear sailing break when on the dawn the ships find themselves in slack winds and a dense fog. Slowly the fog is burned away by the day to reveal a massive field of Sargasso entrapping the two ships. The crew is ordered to clear the stinking weed from the hull in order to make way. Yet as fast as the foul green stuff is cut away it grows back, almost as if it was trying to keep the ships from escaping. A mere six hundred feet away another ship is also spotted but judging from its condition it is not the Blue Nixie. A full survey of the Sargasso reveals a massive buildup toward the center of the 3 mile wide field of Sargasso know in legends as “Journey’s End.” Mr. Gibbs says that once a ship is captured by the Sargasso it is doomed to become part of it forever. He also says that sometimes the weed comes alive and feeds on the sailors often dragging them overboard to certain death. Mako ascertains that the heroes may have to go to the heart of this massive floating island and destroy the weed at its source. It is not long before the legends are affirmed. Strange weed-like creatures begin to climb aboard Purity’s Prow moaning “outsiders” over and over while attacking the crew and heroes. The weeds come alive and entangle Michael and Mr. Gibbs trying to drag them into the sea. All the heroes strike at the stinking horrors smashing and slashing. Soon the aberrations are repelled but more are seen on some distance from the ships. The Azure champions make for the nearby derelict hoping to find some clue on how to combat the walking weed. They find the “Rage” another caravel similar to the Sea Wyvern. Arianna goes aboard first finding the desk spongy and rotten. The rest follow taking care not the place too much weight in one place on the rotten deck of the wreck. The ninja discovers a book in the captians quarters that may contain clues as to the fate of the vessel. When she removes the book the desk on which it was resting falls into the gaping hole below and into the stinking water of the Sargasso. As if awakened, weeds near the Rage begin to reach out and attack the heroes yet again. Each of the aquatic monstrosities is destroyed and the contents of the book saved.

Total XP for the session per character 11,040

Conclusion of the Boggard Gambit
or why the heck did the frogs attack Lavinia?

Ok, so we made it back to the manor only to find it overrun by boggards. The whole house is swamped by frogmen and Lavinia and her other mercs are held captive upstairs. So what gives?

Just before the shooting began in the master bedroom the big half-orc had something to say…of course nobody seemed to care at the time. It only took the Azure champions thirty-six seconds to clear the room like a SEAL team. After the smoke cleared Lavinia was left standing breatheless, her elite Jade Ravens had lost their luster, her home was turned into a battlefield, and she has no idea why this half-orc had come there looking for her brother.

The crazed frog shaman croaked something about Dagon having blood.

What was left of course is a high amphibian body count with a few oddities thrown in.

The loot that was found:
Two magical hand axes (matched set)
Magic cutlass
Strange belt with a buckle that looks like two hands clasped.
Potion that smelled of wood
A wand that heals
Several coin pouches with a total of 23 pp. and 45 gp.
Masterwork studdedleather armor

Unto the Cove
Savage Tide Chapter 2 Part 2

After several days of chasing leads the Azure Champions hear a rumor that Vanthus has fled to Kraken’s Cove. The heroes purchase a fishing boat and sailed to the smugglers haven. New among the team are two gunslinging buccaneers. They drank grog the entire eight hour trip to the cove. The rest of the party feared for their lives as the two navigated jagged reefs and dangerous swells.

A great inferno had engulfed many of the vessels moored there including the infamous Slippery Eel. The waters in the cove were fully aflame with burning whale oil.

As the team climbed a rickety wooden catwalk they were set upon by tiny monkeys. The little beasts attacked with an unholy fury, fanged maws foaming with rage. The melee caused a portion of the catwalk to collapse into the waters below, taking some of the savage beasties with it.

Seeing that the entire walkway was about to collapse the party jumped into the waters below.

Peril Under Parrot Island
The Dead...they are hungry

The party makes some headway in their investigation of Vanthus Vanderboren. They canvased several of the districts and come up with a few leads in Shadowshore. There they meet a shifty greasy looking half-elf who promises he will lead them to Vanthus. The team makes arrangements to meet the next day.
Suspecting an ambush the warriors case the tavern known as the Plucked Parrot. Michael and Lyall don’t find anything unusual. Eventually Shefton shows up as expected and meets with Shiva. He explains that they will have to travel to Parrot Island where he is to meet with Vanthus. On that cue Eluna shift into the form of a large parrot and flies over to the island in order to reveal any possible ambushes. Arianna also swims over to provide ground reconnaissance. Shiva, Shefton, the two warriors, and the sorcerer row over to Parrot Island.


Shefton leads the party to a clearing where the entrance to the old smugglers cave under Parrot Island are. Suspecting a trap the team begins to threaten the sniveling half-elf. Meanwhile, Vanthus is spotted by the shoal Halfling and the druid hiding in the woodline at the edge of the clearing. The ninja stealthily approaches him in an attempt to subdue. Vanthus spots her at the last second and flees. The druid pursues him to the nearby beach.
Vanthus rows back towards Shadowshore with the druid and sorcerer in hot pursuit. Shifting into several different aquatic forms she attacks Vanthus. The sorcerer casts a spell and transforms into merfolk and swims after the fleeing Vanderboren. The druid as a squid tried valiantly to wrest the oars from Vanthus. Simultaneously the sorcerer, as a merfolk, climbs aboard the rowboat only to be near fatally shot with a heavy crossbow. Eluna tries again to grab Vanthus only to nearly be hacked to pieces by a lucky blow from his cutlass and making good his escape.
Returning defeated, the druid and sorcerer meet up with the rest of the party at the entrance to smugglers caves. They extract the truth from Shefton. He confesses that the plan was to trap them in the tunnels under Parrot Island.
Curious as to what the old smugglers cave might contain, the team decides to explore them. They strip Shefton of his weapons and hand him a torch. Michael leads the way into the damp slime covered catacombs under Parrot Island.

At first it only seems that they truly are abandoned. The constant surge and lapping of water in the chambers echoes throughout. The team presses on with the rogues scouting the way. Initially heading east the party encounters thick wooden doors swollen and damp with seawater. Lyall and Michael do the honors and crash through the rotted timber finding even more lightless tunnels. The noise does not go unnoticed.
Elsewhere under Parrot Island the dead rouse from their stupor and shamble toward the noisy party moaning with the pangs of demonic hunger. Encountering doors the zombies begin to pound sensing a meal beyond.


The startling bashing of fists upon wood alerts the entire group. Drawing weapons they wait, spells and swords at the ready. Finally the doors bursts under the constant barrage of cold dead fists. Gnashing their shark like teeth the undead stumble forward managing to bite the fighters a few times in the melee. However the party makes quick work of the zombies and presses onward. After encountering more zombies and making friends with the monstrous crabs, Michael is ambushed in the western tunnel. He is set upon by a ghastly beast. It lands several mighty blows upon the swordsage. Yet with concentrated effort it too is eventually hacked to pieces.
Ultimately the heroes find a swollen body belonging to the former Penkus. In his death hour the old smuggler wrote his last testament. The treachery of Vanthus Vanderboren is revealed in the cutthroat’s letter to the adventurers. Penkus begs them to avenge his death and lay Vanthus low.
Eventually the party discovers the last hidden smugglers treasure. Over a hundred pounds in coin and gems, plus few other trinkets and items of speculative value.
Successfully delving the depths of Parrot Island, they return to Vanderboren Manor and report their findings. They also turn Shefton Rosk so that he too is working for the forces of justice.

The adventure begins
kick off

I’d like to welcome all of the players to the group. I really appreciate your patience as everyone rolled up characters. I hope to see all of you at the next session.

As far as the session.

The team came together over a few pints of ale at the Rusty Pirate Tavern. A local noble hired the small company of adventurers to retrieve a small item for her from the Blue Nixie. Lavinia Vanderboren has recently become the inheritor of the Vanderboren estate including its debts. She needed help, and she had heard that the young men and women were looking to make some coin. The complication was that Soller Vark and his men had illegally impounded the ship where the item was.

After hearing the proposal, Michael, Elina, Shiva, Raiden, and Arianna devised a plan to acquire the bauble.

They reconnoitered the vessel and spied several thugs aboard. Eluna, having transformed into an albatross made first contact and distracted the thugs allowing the rest of the team to scale the gunwhales.

Once on deck Michael gained the thugs attention with a battle cry and leapt into combat. Nearly landing directly on the hapless crewman, Michael brought the man low with several blows. Meanwhile Arianna crept aboard over the port bow gunwhale.

The action continued as the ruffian crew did their best to resist the midnight assault. Soller Vark soon joined the fray, bursting onto the fore deck with rage. One of the crewman dove below to release their foul cargo. He was, unfortunately for him, the first meal the creature had in days. After a few more minutes of combat the thugs were unconscious. Their blood slicking the deck of the Blue Nixie. Below the monstrous cargo raged on. Ultimately after checking the bodies for clues and coin, the team dumped them below where they were consumed.


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