Savage Tide Adventure Path

City of Broken Idols

The Battle of Taboo Island

The assault on the Taboo Temple has begun and already it has claimed more victims. Utan and his cohort were caught in the area of effect of a Symbol of Death inscribed upon the entrance of the temple. This may have been avoided had not the half-orc, gunslinger, and aasimar not barreled down the corridor to engage the new threat.

It seems the enemy was prepared to meet the heroes. Their actions and tactics seem to be very well coordinated. Is it possible that there is a leader of these foul and corrupt beings. We will find out as the team explores the inner chambers of the temple.

XP award per PC: 4278


There was no “barreling”. There was a confident swagger, cinematic back-lighting, and gun flipping acrobatic awesomeness. None of which resemble “barreling”

And its not like were were going to stop and search for traps while the evil demonic creatures were gathering a few yards away.

City of Broken Idols

Here’s a little excerpt from the wiki:

Trapfinding and Magic Traps
Magic traps such as symbol of death are hard to detect and disable. A character with the trapfinding class feature (only) can use the Perception skill to find a symbol of death and Disable Device to thwart it. The DC in each case is 25 + spell level, or 33 for symbol of death.

We didn’t have the means to detect it for one and so we weren’t likely to avoid setting it off. But it does explain why they didn’t come down the hallway. Eventhough it wouldn’t be activated by them, if/when we activated it, they would not be immune to the effect. The only surefire way to avoid it was to make your Fort Save. And with a DC of 24, it was definitely going to kill someone in the party.

Jessana was the closest to center and failed her save, Utan and Wey were the next closest, but Wey had enough hit points (barely) to avoid the effect and then Utan failed his save. Not sure, but I think he needed a pretty high roll. That left 27 hit points of death magic left which wouldn’t effect anyone left in the area. In my opinion, Symbol of Death is designed to be the party mage killer.

The cleric had breath of life, but that doesn’t work for death magic. So, we’ll have to bring them back for a raise dead/resurrection assuming that want to be brought back.

Wey feels he has a cloud of doom over his head now being the only one alive in the original group he joined. He’ll be on the lookout for a scarab of protection at this point.

City of Broken Idols

I don’t think the game designers had spell-caster death specifically in mind when that spell was thought up. In any case the rushing headlong into the next room has bitten the party in the butt more than once in this adventure path.

City of Broken Idols

On another note. Not every party has every tool at their disposal. This is when the players can use their heads to come up with a solution that role-plays well and fits in the game framework.

As Darwin might say, “Adapt or die.”

City of Broken Idols

I have a big firearm; I need no other tool. Oh, you must be talking about everyone else…

On other subjects: Almost every encounter has been an ambush, or mutual surprise. Time for planning or buffing has been nonexistent. Recon has been, at best, low, due to the lack of experience on our recon specialist, surprise attacks, and the party as a whole not imagining we need it. We use brute force because that is what we had, and it has worked (admittedly, not always worked well) in all but one encounter.

So, in these later levels, where a misstep can result in complete ruin, I suggest we start adjusting our tactics:

Most of us have enhanced movement, allowing use to actual escape combat, or pull combat back to places that will work better for us (example: we are all in a tunnel right now. Area effect spells would suck right now.)

We have access to mid level spells, including divination. A wand of clairvoyance, even as short range, would be a huge boon (example: knowing what is in the next room would be really nice).

We, the players, do not have the combat training our characters do. Yes, a few of us are military, but I’m not going to claim to be an expert on +3 Maces of Dragon Whacking. Our characters do. Our character talk to each other when we are speeding through no dice actions and traveling montages. In short, there is a lot of discussion when we, the player, aren’t ‘there’. Some of this has got to be about tactics. We might want to take a few seconds when combat starts to talk about who is going to do what, to represent our character coordinating before hand.

None of our characters are low level newbies. They would have some grasp of what each other can do. But I don’t know what spells Utan has prepared , nor did I know Wey had an arsenal of bows stuck up his sleeve. I don’t have to know the other character’ stats; I know mine. If some one asks, “Can you kill that guy?” I should be able to say “Yeah, should be able to hit this guy and do around 100 points of damage. I think that will finish him off, use your action to kill all those guys over there.” In character, we wouldn’t ask this, but since Utan knows about what Terrance can do, he can operate on this knowledge.

Potions. Wands. Scrolls (of Raise Dead). Expendable items. We ought to get them. Lets get them.

Let’s stop going through the front door. Its just a bad idea. Can’t we find other doors, hatches, and what not? Can anyone burrow? Shape Earth? Disintegrate? Phase through things? We have to play by Scott’s rules, not the bad guy’s rules.

City of Broken Idols
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