Savage Tide Adventure Path

Conclusion of the Boggard Gambit

or why the heck did the frogs attack Lavinia?

Ok, so we made it back to the manor only to find it overrun by boggards. The whole house is swamped by frogmen and Lavinia and her other mercs are held captive upstairs. So what gives?

Just before the shooting began in the master bedroom the big half-orc had something to say…of course nobody seemed to care at the time. It only took the Azure champions thirty-six seconds to clear the room like a SEAL team. After the smoke cleared Lavinia was left standing breatheless, her elite Jade Ravens had lost their luster, her home was turned into a battlefield, and she has no idea why this half-orc had come there looking for her brother.

The crazed frog shaman croaked something about Dagon having blood.

What was left of course is a high amphibian body count with a few oddities thrown in.

The loot that was found:
Two magical hand axes (matched set)
Magic cutlass
Strange belt with a buckle that looks like two hands clasped.
Potion that smelled of wood
A wand that heals
Several coin pouches with a total of 23 pp. and 45 gp.
Masterwork studdedleather armor


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