Savage Tide Adventure Path

Peril Under Parrot Island

The Dead...they are hungry

The party makes some headway in their investigation of Vanthus Vanderboren. They canvased several of the districts and come up with a few leads in Shadowshore. There they meet a shifty greasy looking half-elf who promises he will lead them to Vanthus. The team makes arrangements to meet the next day.
Suspecting an ambush the warriors case the tavern known as the Plucked Parrot. Michael and Lyall don’t find anything unusual. Eventually Shefton shows up as expected and meets with Shiva. He explains that they will have to travel to Parrot Island where he is to meet with Vanthus. On that cue Eluna shift into the form of a large parrot and flies over to the island in order to reveal any possible ambushes. Arianna also swims over to provide ground reconnaissance. Shiva, Shefton, the two warriors, and the sorcerer row over to Parrot Island.


Shefton leads the party to a clearing where the entrance to the old smugglers cave under Parrot Island are. Suspecting a trap the team begins to threaten the sniveling half-elf. Meanwhile, Vanthus is spotted by the shoal Halfling and the druid hiding in the woodline at the edge of the clearing. The ninja stealthily approaches him in an attempt to subdue. Vanthus spots her at the last second and flees. The druid pursues him to the nearby beach.
Vanthus rows back towards Shadowshore with the druid and sorcerer in hot pursuit. Shifting into several different aquatic forms she attacks Vanthus. The sorcerer casts a spell and transforms into merfolk and swims after the fleeing Vanderboren. The druid as a squid tried valiantly to wrest the oars from Vanthus. Simultaneously the sorcerer, as a merfolk, climbs aboard the rowboat only to be near fatally shot with a heavy crossbow. Eluna tries again to grab Vanthus only to nearly be hacked to pieces by a lucky blow from his cutlass and making good his escape.
Returning defeated, the druid and sorcerer meet up with the rest of the party at the entrance to smugglers caves. They extract the truth from Shefton. He confesses that the plan was to trap them in the tunnels under Parrot Island.
Curious as to what the old smugglers cave might contain, the team decides to explore them. They strip Shefton of his weapons and hand him a torch. Michael leads the way into the damp slime covered catacombs under Parrot Island.

At first it only seems that they truly are abandoned. The constant surge and lapping of water in the chambers echoes throughout. The team presses on with the rogues scouting the way. Initially heading east the party encounters thick wooden doors swollen and damp with seawater. Lyall and Michael do the honors and crash through the rotted timber finding even more lightless tunnels. The noise does not go unnoticed.
Elsewhere under Parrot Island the dead rouse from their stupor and shamble toward the noisy party moaning with the pangs of demonic hunger. Encountering doors the zombies begin to pound sensing a meal beyond.


The startling bashing of fists upon wood alerts the entire group. Drawing weapons they wait, spells and swords at the ready. Finally the doors bursts under the constant barrage of cold dead fists. Gnashing their shark like teeth the undead stumble forward managing to bite the fighters a few times in the melee. However the party makes quick work of the zombies and presses onward. After encountering more zombies and making friends with the monstrous crabs, Michael is ambushed in the western tunnel. He is set upon by a ghastly beast. It lands several mighty blows upon the swordsage. Yet with concentrated effort it too is eventually hacked to pieces.
Ultimately the heroes find a swollen body belonging to the former Penkus. In his death hour the old smuggler wrote his last testament. The treachery of Vanthus Vanderboren is revealed in the cutthroat’s letter to the adventurers. Penkus begs them to avenge his death and lay Vanthus low.
Eventually the party discovers the last hidden smugglers treasure. Over a hundred pounds in coin and gems, plus few other trinkets and items of speculative value.
Successfully delving the depths of Parrot Island, they return to Vanderboren Manor and report their findings. They also turn Shefton Rosk so that he too is working for the forces of justice.


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