Savage Tide Adventure Path

Sea Wyvern Part 5

The End of Journey's End

Still mired in the strangling weeds known as Journey’s End, the Azure Champions make for the heart of the Sargasso. They also search for the Blue Nixie during the trek. No sign of the vessel is found. However, one other famous vessel is found, The Morningstar, presumed to be lost at sea many years ago. It is the ship of the famed Captain Madsen “The Mad” Atirr. He was on the first expedition to the Isle of Dread. As legend had it he had returned to the dread isle and mapped its coastline. The ship was never seen or heard from again. The ninja is sent in to investigate. She returned with several items of historical value.
The mountain of seaweed in the center of Journey’s End is finally reached. There the heroes find a weed encrusted vessel known as the Thunderer. They make their way into the bowels of the vessel and find two massive chests and an iron strongbox. Arianna checked for traps and was sure she did not find any. After picking the old lock she opened the black lacquered chest triggering a magical trap. The ninja and some of the party are engulfed briefly in magical fire. Slightly toasted the ninja finds a few items of incredible value within. She moved to the second chest determined not to get blasted again. Overwatching her was the Dragon Disciple, a new hero in the party. While in the midst of opening the second chest the two are attacked by vine horrors in the small compartment. The others rush to their aid. The blast of heat had apparently awakened the foul plant beasts. Several more also oozed into the main cargo hold intent upon destroying the invaders.
The first two killer weeds were firmly engaged by Mako and Ben when the assault from the main hold began in earnest. Outnumbered the party battled animated vines and horrid seaweed beasts. The battle was going against the party until the wizard managed to entangle the vine horrors in some tentacles of his own. Tied down the weeds were soon turned to paste by the party’s warriors.
After battling through the minions the mother of all was also dispatched in fine order. The power holding the massive floating Sargasso Island was snuffed out when its heart was slain. Much as the heroes surmised. Luckily they were able to recover the chest’s contents and the strongbox before the Thunderer slipped beneath the waves. Journey’s End released its grip on the Sea Wyvern and the Purity’s Prow and they continued the voyage to the Isle of Dread.


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