Savage Tide Adventure Path

Sea Wyvern's Wake Part 6

The Last Leg

At long last the Isle of Dread is spotted on the horizon. However, so too are dark storm clouds. A tropical storm is bearing down on the two ships as they race for the safe harbor of Farshore. Unfortunately the voyage comes to a violent close as the crews of the Sea Wyvern and Purity’s Prow battle mother nature herself in an epic struggle for survival. At just over a hundred miles the two vessels are caught in the storm’s fury. Both captains and their crews battled torrential rain and howling winds in an effort to keep off the dangerous reefs guarding the island. Green water washed some crewman overboard. yet were rescued by the valiant adventures within minutes. (GM note: I awarded additional experience points for your character’s heroic actions to the session total.)


A final storm surge tossed the Sea Wyvern onto what was known as Masher Reef. It is said to be the home of 50’ long fish that eat coral and are fiercely territorial. What was in the waters was far more dangerous. A nesting elasmosaurus and her offspring had eaten the mashers and taken up residence in the rich hunting ground. Not long after the ship crashed onto the reef did the beasts investigate. Captain Venkali was the first victim of the reptiles as she was snatched from her post and eaten alive before the very eyes of the halfling ninja. She fled below to warn the rest of the crew. The first mate and a few crewman went on deck to battle the beast as well as several party members. It wasn’t long before more seaman were eaten and even the mighty Mako was laid low. The smaller dinosaurs tried making off with his body but were stopped by the heroic efforts of his companions.The other elasmosaurs were killed or driven off. Which left the crew to the task of preventing the caravel from sinking before reaching the beach a quarter mile away.

The chapter closed with Mr Gibbs reporting that the Wyverns back was broken and nothing short of a dry dock would make her seaworthy again. Also there was no sign of the Prow since she disappeared from view in the storm. An accounting of hands showed that at least ten were missing and presumed dead. Much of the cargo was also water damaged, leaving durable goods as the bulk of recoverable items.

Experience Log
Loot Log

Session experience was 20,000 points divided among 4 characters for a share of 5,000 each.


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