Savage Tide Adventure Path

The adventure begins

kick off

I’d like to welcome all of the players to the group. I really appreciate your patience as everyone rolled up characters. I hope to see all of you at the next session.

As far as the session.

The team came together over a few pints of ale at the Rusty Pirate Tavern. A local noble hired the small company of adventurers to retrieve a small item for her from the Blue Nixie. Lavinia Vanderboren has recently become the inheritor of the Vanderboren estate including its debts. She needed help, and she had heard that the young men and women were looking to make some coin. The complication was that Soller Vark and his men had illegally impounded the ship where the item was.

After hearing the proposal, Michael, Elina, Shiva, Raiden, and Arianna devised a plan to acquire the bauble.

They reconnoitered the vessel and spied several thugs aboard. Eluna, having transformed into an albatross made first contact and distracted the thugs allowing the rest of the team to scale the gunwhales.

Once on deck Michael gained the thugs attention with a battle cry and leapt into combat. Nearly landing directly on the hapless crewman, Michael brought the man low with several blows. Meanwhile Arianna crept aboard over the port bow gunwhale.

The action continued as the ruffian crew did their best to resist the midnight assault. Soller Vark soon joined the fray, bursting onto the fore deck with rage. One of the crewman dove below to release their foul cargo. He was, unfortunately for him, the first meal the creature had in days. After a few more minutes of combat the thugs were unconscious. Their blood slicking the deck of the Blue Nixie. Below the monstrous cargo raged on. Ultimately after checking the bodies for clues and coin, the team dumped them below where they were consumed.


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