Savage Tide Adventure Path

Unto the Cove

Savage Tide Chapter 2 Part 2

After several days of chasing leads the Azure Champions hear a rumor that Vanthus has fled to Kraken’s Cove. The heroes purchase a fishing boat and sailed to the smugglers haven. New among the team are two gunslinging buccaneers. They drank grog the entire eight hour trip to the cove. The rest of the party feared for their lives as the two navigated jagged reefs and dangerous swells.

A great inferno had engulfed many of the vessels moored there including the infamous Slippery Eel. The waters in the cove were fully aflame with burning whale oil.

As the team climbed a rickety wooden catwalk they were set upon by tiny monkeys. The little beasts attacked with an unholy fury, fanged maws foaming with rage. The melee caused a portion of the catwalk to collapse into the waters below, taking some of the savage beasties with it.

Seeing that the entire walkway was about to collapse the party jumped into the waters below.


SSveter SSveter

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