Maka Mai

Mysteriously beautiful sorceress


Maka Mai ; Human Sor6: CR 6; ECL 6; Size M; HD 6d4+18; hp 33; Init +3; Spd 30 ft; AC 18, touch 15, FF 15; BAB +3; Grapple +3; Atk: +3 melee (1d3, Unarmed), +6 (1d4/crit 19-20, Dagger), +6 ranged (1d4/crit 19-20, Crossbow, hand); AL n; SV Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +8; Str 11, Dex 17, Con 16, Int 18, Wis 17, Cha 17. Languages spoken: Common Skills and Feats: Bluff +12, Concentration +11, Craft (Alchemy) +9, Knowledge (Arcana) +12, Profession (Brewer) +10, Ride +5, Speak Language +2, Spellcraft +15, Use Magic Device +7; Alertness, Quicken Spell, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Spell Focus, Still Spell. Special Abilities: Empathic Link, Familiar, Share Spells. Sor Spells Known (6/7/6/4/1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1): 0-Acid splash, Dancing lights, Electric jolt, Flare, Light, Mage hand, Ray of frost, 1-Burning hands, Charm person, Mage armor, Unseen servant, 2-Rainbow beam, Snowball swarm, 3—Fireball. Possessions: 100 pp, 2025 gp, 2 sp, , Backpack, Caltrops, Assorted sizes black onyx, Dagger, Potion of fly, Hand crossbow, Rod of python, Leather +1, Ring of protection +2.


Not much is known about Maka except that she is a powerful ally in the fight against the forces of evil.

Maka Mai

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