Heldrath Kellani

Matroness of the Kelani Family


Heldrath Kellani is a human politician and former adventurer from Sasserine. Heldrath was widely believed to have been a pirate in her youth, and is known for being involved in organized crime and assassination attempts while serving in her position in the Dawn Council, leading to her eventual disgrace.

Early Life & Adventuring Years

Heldrath Kellani was born in 916 TR in Fort Bayrd, within the Scarlet Empire. Little is known of Heldrath’s youth, although Heldrath speaks of humble beginnings working on a banana plantation. When she was 18, she set out on the high seas, working as an adventurer.

Heldrath would spend the next 12 or so years of her life exploring coastal ruins with a group of adventuring companions and battling pirates. However, there is great suspicion that Heldrath had herself reverted to piracy, waylaying dozens of ships and vastly increasing her fortune. By the time Heldrath was 30 years old, she (whether legitimately or not) had amassed a massive fortune and purchased a large estate within Sasserine. She married a young noble named David Kellani, and established herself as one of Sasserine’s noble elite.

Heldrath Kellani

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