Azure Wind

Legendary weapon of the high seas

weapon (melee)

The weapon is a remarkable representation of a martial weapon and a work of art. A polished obsidian handle surrounded by gold and silver filigried pommel, guard, and basket. The tempered line of this handsome rapier is formed into whate appear to be crested waves. In certain light they seem to move upon the surface as the ocean itself does. The basket guard too is a fine sculpture of the fair weather sky, the clouds and sun are depicted in silver and gold respectively



Azure Wind’s origin is unknown. The blade has changed hands as often as the wind changed direction. The last person who wielded the rapier was a ship captain by the name of Thaddeus Edgar Morgan. He was a member of the Emerald Crest and a reckless sailor. Reportedly, he came in possession of the blade as a result a duel between him and a Scarlet Corsair captain, knowing their ships were evenly matched Morgan suggested they fight a duel. The stakes were simple winner take all. Their fight carried them across the decks of both vessels, through the rigging and ended up on a yardarm. Desperation and daring where carrying the day for the Scarlet Corsair, but fate is fickle and a slip of the foot ended his life at the point of Morgan’s blade. (DC 15)

The winds of fortune carried Morgan and his crew to many great victories but the captain was a mediocre leader. As all good winds do, they eventually changed and boded ill for the captain. The successes of T. E. Morgan dried up and the crew turned sour. A mutiny was brewing, led by his first mate. Morgan was marooned somewhere in the Densac Gulf, left with a two bottles of rum and a dagger the captain was never seen again. The new captain, Roberto Montoya claimed the rapier as his own and set about plundering as many ships as he could. His greatest success was the surprise attack and sinking of three Scarlet Corsair ships at anchor near the Ponape Islands. (DC 20 Daring and Courageous)

Montoya and his crew escaped before the rest of the fleet could retaliate. Montoya’s leadership led to a string of brilliant victories over the next few years. The Emerald Crest named him Commodore and assigned two other ships for him to command (DC 25 Leadership)

Eventually the Red fleet grew tired of his attacks and set a trap. A nautical ambush was laid with a dozen ships to his three. They chased his small fleet across the Azure Sea to the Amedio Jungle where his vessel ran aground on a sand bar just fifty yards from the mouth of the Atikula River. Fearing the same fate the Red fleet waited until the tide rose to continue the pursuit. As night fell Montoya and his men slipped away by dumping their cargo to lessen the draft of the ship. It was suspected that Montoya sailed upriver into the Amedio and never returned according to the commander of the Scarlet Corsairs. (DC 30 Beat the Odds)

Azure Wind

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