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  • Jalpe Jinn

    Jalpe Jinn is a likeable-enough man who tends this shrine dedicated to one of Sasserine’s most gifted historical figures, the dwarf Worgul (who succeeded in life as a merchant despite her hideous appearance).

  • Athalrax

    Athalrax is another one of the very famous gladiators of Sasserine Arena. Despite being a half orc he is a very astute warrior and showman. He loves his fans and revels in their adoration. Athalrax prefers to fight unintelligent creatures, nobody knows …

  • Anya Sigfried

    Anya was left at the Dawnhouse as a baby, the priestess then took her to the orphanage. She grew up there having to fight for everything. Her skills did not go unnoticed. Ulric Toregson took her under his wing as soon as she was old enough and began her …

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