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  • Gerialar Divalean

    Abbot of the peaceful House of Violets, Gerialar admits few visitors to his monastery. Those few who have visited tell tales of a place of serenity, shielded from the bustle of the surrounding city by magical curtains that block sound.

  • Iraia

    Iraia is a native Olman to the Isle of Dread, a member of the Sea Turtle clan. He is a large man, and quiet for his size. He often takes to exploring the island in places where his clanmates would fear to tread. He cannot help but feel a bit restless …

  • Wey

    Wey grew up in the Kamph mountains of Berghof. Given to a monastery at the age of 10 by his mother, he grew up in a life of service. But this service, he soon learned was a path to physical and mental perfection studying under the tutelage of the monks of …

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