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  • Dawnhouse

    The Dawnhouse is the Sunrise districts church. Dedicated to Pelor this sanctuary is like most temples of Pelor, very bright and airy. This particular structure is easily distinguishable from the surrounding buildings. The Dawnhouse is tall much like a …

  • Kera Gosalar

    Kera is the daughter of Annavelle Gosalar and cousin to Beverly Adams who was murdered by pirates in her home on Seawall Point. Her mother is urging her to look into the matter but Kera's duties keep her at the Dawnhouse (District Church).

  • Lilly the Lightbringer of Pelor

    Lilly was orphaned to the Dawn House Church located in the Sunrise District. She does not know whom her mother is, although it is rumored she once worked at the Crimson Genie. She was raised by the Priests of the Church as an Omen of Good Fortune, …

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