House Rules

The Rules:

I run a D&D 3.5 game, which is the core rules minus a few things and plus a few things.

Rule 1: Be creative, don't have a bunch of stats that get you through the game. Give your character, well, character. Your PC needs to have a story, a purpose, what makes he or she tick. Bottomline; no one in their right mind would pick up a sword and go chasing after beasties that could possibly eat them, or worse.

Rule 2: Be prepared to improvise. After you and your companions have clobbered the nasties, there will be loot. Keep in mind not all loot is a easy to move as a gold piece. That huge golden throne that could fetch 15,000 gp on the market, think of it as your prized big screen TV; not so easy now is it.

Rule 3: Have fun as players and DM we feed off each others enjoyment of the game.

Rule 4: Don't get bent if your PC dies. Like they say crunch all ya want we'll make more.

Rule 5: DM's dirty little secret….. I'm pulling for your characters too… don't tell anyone.

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House Rules

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