The first savage tide has already touched the mortal world. Unleashed from the cruel heart of a shadowpearl. The tide swept over an ancient civilization. transforming the citizens of a proud city into feral cannibalistic fiends. The hateful architects of the savage tide watched, taking pride in the ruin they had wrought. Now, after a thousand years, the savage tide is about to return. Yet this time, the doom will not be limited to one hapless city. This time, all of civilization waits unknowing on the shore. blissfully ignorant of what the tide is about to bring in.

The Savage Tide Adventure Path is a twelve part campaign presented in the pages of DUNGEON Magazine. Additional material was also published in DRAGON magazine as a supplement to the campaigne for both players and DM’s alike. Many thanks are owed to the many people who worked so diligently on the Savage Tide Adventure Path. It is here I present this material for the enjoyment and challenge of all D&D players and DM’s everywhere.

In the Savage Tide Adventure Path, your characters are destined to face a wide range of dangerous monsters, hostile terrain, murderous organizations, and sinister magic. Yet before you set off , you’ll need to know where your character is from. This campaign begins in the exotic port city of Sasserine, and it is here that the foundations of your character will be laid.

The City of Sasserine is perched on the edge of the known world, the last stop before the endless expanse of the Amedio Jungle. It is a hub of trade, and home to more than fifteen thousand souls, a bastion of civilization in a realm haunted by piracy, disease, violent weather, and monsters. Further details on Sasserine are provided for the DM in Dungeon #139, which also kicks off the new Savage Tide Adventure Path. This campaign assumes your starting character is a Sasserine native, and as such you can expect to know a fair amount in advance about the city. This wiki presents everything you’ll need to know about your new home town, from an exhaustive list of every major shop and tavern to the names of famous locals and the rumors currently circulating in the streets and taprooms. Look through this wiki and pick your character’s home district.

Sasserine itself is governed by a group of seven noble families called the Dawn Council, each representing one of the city’s seven districts. Likewise, each district has a common church or faith shared by many of its citizens. When you create your character, you should bear the nature of your district’s nobility and religion in mind, although you aren’t required to pick the same deity or ally your interests with those of your council representative.

The Year is 598…your adventure begins now.

This site proudly features the art of Bob Kehl.

The information presented here is based upon the Savage Tide Adventure Path created by: by Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs, and Erik Mona and illustrated by Ben Wootten. Many of the images are subject to copyright and are reproduced here from open sources. All information presented here is for the advancement of the game and not for profit.

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