Bernadette Valentine

A ruthless captian who will let nothing stand in her way


Bernard was shat into this world near the docks of the Azure District. His father a sailor and his mother a bar wench. They were happy together until the dark day his father didn’t return from an ocean voyage. Bernard grew up on the docks and in the water dreaming of following his father on the seas. He finally got his chance and loved the salty air, the breeze in his hair and a smile on his face. There is nothing the world likes better than to squash a dream. The ship was attacked by pirates and the cargo stolen. The loss was so severe the crew couldn’t be paid and were lucky to escape with their lives. The crew mutinied and marooned Bernard at the nearest island. Armed with only his rapier and dagger he began to take stock of his situation and began to explore the island.

She found a abandoned temple long lost to the knowledge of man. He entered with the purpose of finding shelter from a coming storm. What he found within was a vast amount of gold and jewels. Enough wealth to buy a fleet of ships. Also hidden with was a golden idol of the earth mother. Small enough to place carry way Bernard reached out and touched the idol. In a flash of magic Bernard was turned into a female. He/She tried touching the idol to reverse the curse and nothing happened.

Eventually, Bernadette fashioned a raft and made her way to commonly navigated waters and was rescued and brought to Sasserine.

Bernard now Bernadette returned heartbroken and copperless. She hunts for the scallywags who betrayed her and is amassing wealth to buy a ship. She now longs to return to the sea, but only as master of her own destiny and find the lost temple and the treasure therein.

Bernadette Valentine

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