Azure District

Azure Districtis Sasserine’s true waterfront.
Consisting of two sections, Azure District also
houses the majority of the city’s slums and lowerclass
citizens, although they aren’t quite as desperate a catch
as those forced to live in Shadowshore. The western section
of Azure District is primarily concerned with the city’s
internal waterways, while the eastern section is home to the
city’s booming whaling industry.
Azure District’s representative nobles are the Islarans. The
family has held the post of harbormaster for many generations,
although rumor holds that old Keltar Islaran’s getting on in
years and none of his children particularly want the job when
he passes on. Rumors also hold that the Kellani family has
designs on this post, but with relations between these two
families being as choppy as they are these days, it’s unlikely
that such a transfer will occur while old Keltar still lives

Pets and Guardians

Whereas the majority of Sasserine’s trade occurs in the Merchant
District, Azure District remains a close second. In particular,
the trade of exotic animals is a lucrative (and often dangerous)
facet of this district’s East Market. Most of these creatures are
destined for lives in the north as pets, but a few of them are
more dangerous. This trade is one of the few the Azure Watch
monitors (after a particularly tragic incident involving an escaped
wyvern)—as a result, the black market and smuggling trade for
dangerous animals does a booming business.
Listed below are prices for purchasing exotic and dangerous
creatures from the Azure Markets.
Exotic Pets

City Watch

The Azure Watch is concerned primarily with keeping Sasserine’s
whaling operations running smoothly. Whalers are generally
allowed to get away with more as a result; the watch figures
that they’re at sea most of the time anyway. An arrested whaler
is almost always returned to his captain’s ship for punishment
or confi nement there rather than taken to the district’s
undersized jail. Members of the Azure Watch tend to be a bit
more strict with other criminals, but transfer them to Sunrise
Garrison (see Sunrise District ) if they require long-term punishment.


If you’re from Azure District, you probably spent a fair portion
of your youth at sea. You have friends or family that work
in the whaling industry, and may have spent some time on a
whaling ship yourself. You likely worship at the Azure Cathedral,
a temple dedicated to Osprem (the goddess of ships and
sailors), Procan (the god of the sea), and Xerbo (the god of sea
trade). Further details on these three minor deities, of spcial
interest to clerics, can be found in Complete Divine. Alternately,
you could worship all three, in which case you have access to
the domains of Luck, Strength, Travel, and Water. Clerics who
worship all three of these deities may be of any alignment.

Notable NPCs

Azure District Locations

  1. Islaran Manor (district representative)
  2. Best Bait and Deserts (bait and bakery)
  3. Dredger’s Guildhall
  4. Nate’s Nets (nets, fine fishing equipment)
  5. The Empty Grave (tavern)
  6. The Bloodthirsty Pelican (tavern/inn)
  7. Kellani Manor (minor noble)
  8. Bizwor’s Balms (medicine and seasickness cures)
  9. Pearldiver’s Guildhall
  10. The Gull’s Nest (brothel)
  11. Ropemaker’s Guildhall
  12. Azure Garrison
  13. East Market (general goods, seafood, animals)
  14. The Mermaid’s Secret (brothel)
  15. Whaleworks (fine scrimshaw art)
  16. Azure Cathedral (district church)
  17. The Sasserine Sleigh Ride (tavern/brothel)
  18. Finback Whaling
  19. Inker’s Guildhall (tattoo artists)
  20. Sasserine Whaling
  21. The Drunken Dolphin (whaler tavern)
  22. Whaler’s Guildhall
  23. Red Sea Whaling
  24. Fishmonger’s Guildhall
  25. Azure Lighthouse

Azure District

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