Castle Teraknian

The castle exists outside the jurisdiction of the seven districts. It was erected about 200 years ago by the Sea Princes to protect the city and its harbor. It is a massive fortification built upon a solid basalt foundation. The color of the volcanic rock gives it a foreboding appearance.

The barbicans are now where the the castles massive cannon are maintained. The long 42 pounders can reach almost fully across the harbor entrance. The castle’s Master Gunner has the big guns ranged in and enjoys an added bonus to hit.

The upper portions are maintained in pristine condition by the castellan and his staff. The grand ballroom is used for balls, banquets, and other extravagances. The rest of the castle is restricted to visitors unless on official business.

Beneath the castle are the tombs of some of the city’s founders. Additionally, there are many vaults and secure chambers. Many if not all of Sasserine’s nobility and well-to-do have valuables stored here. Secure storage is guaranteed by the very professional and discrete staff. There are vacant vaults available for let.

Castle Teraknian

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