Index of Goods and Services

Merchants and Services

Arms and Armor

  • Gladiator’s Best (fine weapons)
  • Liomar’s Links (fine chainmail products)
  • Vildivar’s (bows, arrows, ranged weapons)
  • Tharvel’s Hides (fine hides and leather goods)
  • Delthar’s Protections (fine weaponry)
  • The Metal-Skinned Dwarf (fine armor)
  • Shank’s Collectibles (cheap weapons)


  • Bee in the Bottle (potions)
  • Spells for Swords (magic shop)
  • Little Sunrises (magical light sources)
  • Glittermane’s Vault (magic shop)
  • Orimander’s Emporium of the Soul (magic shop/ Bookshop)
  • Blenak’s Bazaar (magic shop and Knowledge [arcane])


  • Venton’s (knowledge [local])
  • The Upwards House (knowledge [engineering and architecture])
  • Highwall House (knowledge [geography])
  • House of Lords (knowledge [nobility and Royalty])
  • Blenak’s Bazaar (magic shop and Knowledge [arcane])
  • Callisto’s Needle (tattoo parlor and Knowledge [the planes])
  • Meadowdusk’s (knowledge [nature])
  • The Endless Dark (knowledge [dungeoneering])
  • Historian’s Guild (knowledge [history])


  • Viltashel’s Favors (moneylender)
  • The Warden’s Vault (moneylender)
  • Coins from Above (moneylender)
  • Honest Branks’ (moneylender)

Curio’s, Books, and Fortune Tellers

  • The Trophy Hunter (curio shop)
  • The Hidden Vortex (fortune teller)
  • Enad’s Trickery (curio shop)
  • Selder’s Tales (cheap novels)
  • The Dancing Monkey (curio shop)
  • The Inner Labyrinth (occult books)
  • The Curious Chimera (bookstore)
  • The Crystal’s Whisper (curio shop)
  • Whispers on the Wind (fortune teller)

Animals, Hunting, Guides

  • Nate’s Nets (nets, fine fishing equipment)
  • Sasserine Whaling
  • Red Sea Whaling
  • Redwall Stable
  • Champion’s Corner Stable
  • Fendal’s Pets (exotic pets and guard beasts)
  • Snaver’s Kennel (animal trainer)
  • Marshwarden’s Hall (guides for local marshes)
  • The Sacred Hound (dog trainers)
  • Emerald Journeys (guides for Amedio jungle)
  • Sasserine Tours (guides to the city)
  • Cages of Plenty (exotic pets)

Other Specialized Goods

  • Best Bait and Deserts (bait and bakery)
  • Bizwor’s Balms (medicine and seasickness cures)
  • Waleworks (fine scrimshaw art)
  • Eva’s Boat Rentals
  • Marketplace Hall
  • Costumes and Fantasies (exotic clothing/costumes)
  • Domskio’s Consortium (puppets and toys)
  • Gentle Nelli’s (apothecary) Shadowshore 14
  • It Still Floats! (cheap boats and ships)
  • The Singing Rose (perfumes and oils)
  • Welcome Home (home sales)


  • East Market (general goods, seafood, animals)
  • Kord’s Market (general goods, weapons, armor, metalwork)
  • Fishback Market (general goods, seafood, trinkets, jewelry)
  • Harbor Market (general goods, imported goods, minor magic, food, entertainment)
  • West Market (general goods, lumber, livestock)
  • High Market (general goods, exotic wares, jewelry, magic)


  • Building by Design (construction)
  • Krexin Imports (exotic imports)
  • Amedio Trading Concern (import/export)
  • Thunder River Lumber


  • Black Crab (brewery)
  • Sesker’s Whiskers (brewery)
  • Laughing Shark (brewery)
  • Crab Pond Ale (brewery)
  • Lumberjacker Ale (brewery)
  • Sasserine Distillery (rum factory)

General Goods

  • Three Thin Cats (general goods)
  • Gilvery’s Goods (general goods)
  • Corner Groceries (general goods)
  • Neldrek’s Goods (general goods)
  • Dawn Market (general goods)
  • Tepinal’s Wares (general goods)
  • Leldibar’s Shop (general goods)


  • Sasserine Sendings (messenger service)
  • Rooftop Solutions (messenger service)


Arts and Crafts

  • Ropemaker’s Guildhall
  • Inker’s Guildhall (tattoo artists)
  • Carpenter’s Guildhall
  • Stonemason’s Guildhall
  • Locksmith’s Guildhall
  • Baker’s Guildhall
  • Candlemaker’s Guildhall
  • Glassblower’s Guildhall
  • Jeweler’s Guildhall
  • Gemcutter’s Guildhall
  • Weaver’s Guildhall
  • Spicemerchant’s Guildhall
  • Basketweaver’s Guildhall
  • Tailor’s Guildhall
  • Leatherworker’s Guildhall
  • Smith’s Guildhall
  • Cooper’s Guildhall
  • Alchemist’s Guildhall
  • Wheellwright’s Guildhall
  • Actor’s Guildhall
  • Musician’s Guildhall
  • Coffinmaker’s Guildhall
  • Instrument Maker’s Guildhall
  • Trapmaker’s Guildhall
  • Sailmaker’s Guildhall
  • Shipwright’s Guildhall


  • Dredger’s Guildhall
  • Pearldiver’s Guildhall
  • Whaler’s Guildhall
  • Fishmonger’s Guildhall
  • Moneylender’s Guildhall
  • Lanternlighter’s Guildhall
  • Streetsweeper’s Guildhall
  • Ratcatcher’s Guildhall
  • Chimneysweep’s Guildhall
  • Purifier’s Guildhall (water tower maintenance)
  • Merchant’s Guildhall
  • Cobbler’s Guildhall
  • Tavernkeeper’s Guildhall
  • Scrivener’s Guildhall (scribes)
  • Barber’s Guildhall
  • Butcher’s Guildhall
  • Scavenger’s Guildhall (finders of lost objects)
  • Teamster’s Guildhall
  • Launderer’s Guildhall
  • Tanner’s Guildhall
  • Innkeeper’s Guildhall
  • Riverman’s Guildhall (gondola service)
  • Barrister’s Guildhall
  • Courtesan’s Guildhall
  • Cartographer’s Guildhall
  • Taxidermist’s Guildhall
  • Tobacconist’s Guildhall

Mercenary Guilds

  • The Notched Axe (mercenary guild)
  • Black Shield Company (mercenary guild)

Taverns and Brothels


  • The Empty Grave (tavern)
  • The Drunken Dolphin (whaler tavern)
  • Six Swords Tavern (tavern)
  • Kord’s Quencher (tavern)
  • Tentooth’s Taphouse (tavern)
  • The Barrelhouse (tavern)
  • Fast Vera’s (tavern)
  • Bent Bertha’s (tavern)
  • The Silverlode (tavern)
  • The Legless Stork (tavern)
  • The Painted Hare (tavern)
  • Fishfood (tavern)
  • The Rasp (tavern)
  • The Unexpected Monkey (tavern)
  • Stirge in the Stew (tavern)
  • The Ticklish Ogre (tavern)
  • The Drunk Bear (tavern/mead shop)
  • Rusty Pirate (tavern)
  • Fifteen Horses and a Mule (tavern)
  • The Skinned Man (tavern)
  • The Restless Lion (tavern)
  • The Shivering Cat (tavern)
  • The Hungry Gorilla (tavern)


  • The Bloodthirsty Pelican (tavern/inn)
  • Remblegut’s (tavern/inn)
  • The Thrice-Born Phoenix (inn)
  • The Whispering Anvil (tavern/inn)
  • The Burning Dragon (inn)
  • Fenter’s Place (inn)
  • The Bent Goblin (inn)
  • The Strumpet’s Excuse (inn)
  • The Pearl and the Parrot (tavern/inn)
  • Ancestor’s Rest (inn)
  • The Narrow House (inn)
  • Coffinsquatters (inn)
  • The Plucked Parrot (inn/tavern)
  • Winmester’s (inn)

Brothels and Bathhouses

  • The Gull’s Nest (brothel)
  • The Mermaids Secret (brothel)
  • The Sasserine Sleigh Ride (tavern/brothel)
  • Aunt Kylie’s (brothel)
  • The Painted Vixen (brothel)
  • The Crimson Genie (brothel)
  • Heinvar’s Baths (bathhouse)
  • The Minx Market (brothel)
  • Featherwhisper’s (bathhouse)
  • The Velvet Hatch (brothel)
  • Last Ditch Lovers (brothel)

Gaming Halls

  • Three Dwarves Digging (tavern/gaming hall)
  • The Catapulter (tavern/gaming hall)
  • Gregair’s Place (tavern/gaming hall)
  • Imp’s Folly (tavern/gaming hall)
  • Fishlip’s Games (tavern/gaming hall)
  • Alinara’s Vixens (gaming hall)
  • The Bridgehouse (gaming hall)
  • The Hunter’s Trap (tavern/gambling hall)

Index of Goods and Services

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