Noble District

Noble District has traditionally been thought of as the
city’s ruling district, even though Castle Teraknian isn’t
technically a part of this district. Yet Sasserine’s trust
in its rulers has been shaken (see Sasserine’s History below),
and nowhere is that loss of faith more evident than in this
district. Today, the citizens of Noble District spend too much
time bickering with those of Champion’s District and trying to
organize their district into a self-sustaining society. Idle talk
of seceding from Sasserine is commonplace in Noble District
bars. The other districts increasingly view the Noble District as
a place of decadence and vanity, and eagerly await the district’s
fall under its own excesses.
Noble District’s representative nobility is the Lidu family.
With the end of the Teraknian family line over 100 years ago,
the Lidus became the oldest noble family in the city. The family
patriarch, Worrin Lidu, is a kind-hearted noble who may be
too gentle and forgiving to succeed in Sasserine as a successful
noble. His major concern today seems to be the reconciliation
of the churches of Wee Jas and Kord.

Sasserine’s History

No district is more aware of Sasserine’s history than the citizens
of Noble District. The city was founded over 700 years ago, in
the year –124 cy by pilgrims from the north. This group was led
by a visionary cleric of Wee Jas named Sasserine who died on
the island now known as Ancestor Island in the heroic act of
defending the pilgrims from a black dragon named Zelkarune.
Sasserine’s lover, a man named Teraknian, founded the city in
her honor. Over the next several centuries the city experienced
phenomenal growth, during which a line of rulers descended
from Teraknian ruled Sasserine in conjunction with advice
from the churches of Wee Jas and Kord. In the year of 480 cy,
Lord Mayor Orren Teraknian ruled the city—a rule that allowed
for no shades of gray. For the fi rst time in centuries, the church
of Wee Jas was stripped of its power as fabricated charges of
devil-worshiping saw to the arrest, imprisonment, and even
execution of its faithful. Just as Orren’s rule became unbearable,
a great fl eet of ships arrived—representatives of the Hold of
the Sea Princes to the north. Promising an end to Orren’s cruel
rule, the invaders were aided in their assault on the city from
within as the citizens rose up in rebellion. Orren Teraknian
was overthrown and the Sea Princes claimed Sasserine as their
own. Over the century to come, Sasserine’s resources were
savaged. The Sea Princes kept Sasserine a secret from the rest
of the world, hoping to hide the valuable port from invaders
by destroying any references to it they could find. Spies
infiltrated cartographer guilds and libraries throughout the
world, altering maps and sea charts with magic. Ship captains
who knew the route to the city were bought off or murdered.
Sasserine suff ered in these 100 years, but the underlying spirit
of her citizens did not die. Their prayers were finally answered
in 584 cy, when the Scarlet Brotherhood assassinated nearly all
of the Sea Princes. The resulting turmoil threw Sasserine into
chaos. Without the support of their homeland, the leaders of
the city were overthrown in a fortnight. In the decade since
their freedom, the people of Sasserine have rebuilt their city
with astonishing success.

City Watch

The Noble’s Watch are masters of subtlety. They do not patrol
the streets of Noble District openly, as the local citizens have
long since made clear their distaste for seeing guards in public
places. As a result, the Noble’s Watch do their jobs undercover,
posing as travelers, entertainers, merchants, or even petty
nobles as the case demands. Newcomers to Sasserine seeking a
place to ply criminal acts may be tempted by the seeming lack
of guards in this district, but the Noble’s Watch wastes no time
in dealing with crime as it appears. This, combined with the
fact that anyone nearby could be the law, makes Noble District
one of the safest in Sasserine.


If you’re from Noble District, you’re not necessarily the member
of a minor noble house, although if you’re not, you probably
have friends or associates who are. You may be from the middle
class, in which case your family serves one of the noble families
in some regard. Or your family could be involved in the arcanist
scene, in which case you are no stranger to magic. Finally, you
may be a student at the House of the Dragon, recently graduated
(or worse, flunked out) from higher education. Citizens of
Noble District are clean, cultured, and eschew physical labor,
preferring to hire muscle or use magic to take care of tough
jobs. You likely worship Wee Jas. If you worship Kord, you keep
your faith secret. If you’re a specialist wizard, you’ve probably
chosen conjuration, enchantment, illusion, or necromancy as
your fi eld. Other specialist wizards are not unheard of, but
those who opt to specialize as evokers or transmuters are often
thought of as blowhards with something to proove.

Notable NPCs

Noble District Locations

  1. Highwall House (Knowledge {geography} sage)
  2. Shrine of Liir (goddess of poetry and art)
  3. Witchwarden Tower (arcanist’s guild)
  4. Shrine of Lendor (god of time and study)
  5. Actor’s Guildhall
  6. Shrine of Myhriss (goddess of love)
  7. High Market (general goods, exotic wares, jewelry, magic)
  8. The Pearl and the Parrot (tavern/inn)
  9. Imp’s Folly (tavern/gaming hall)
  10. Musician’s Guildhall
  11. Sasserine Opera House
  12. Coffinmaker’s Guildhall
  13. Meravanchi Manor (minor noble)
  14. House of Lords (Knowledge [nobility and royalty] sage)
  15. Shrine of Lydia (goddess of music)
  16. Courtesan’s Guildhall
  17. House of the Dragon (school and library)
  18. Lidu Manor (district representative)
  19. Instrument Maker’s Guildhall
  20. Cartographer’s Guildhall
  21. The Curious Chimera (bookstore)
  22. Thenalar Academy (finishing school)
  23. Cloudcrystal Academy (finishing school)
  24. Shrine of Boccob
  25. Noble Garrison
  26. [[Callisto’s Needle|Callisto’s Needle (tattoo parlor and Knowledge [the planes] sage)]]
  27. [[Blenak’s Bazaar|Blenak’s Bazaar (magic shop and Knowledge [arcana] sage)]]
  28. Temple of Wee Jas
  29. The Crystal’s Whisper (curio shop)
  30. Ancestor’s Rest (inn)
  31. Whispers on the Wind (fortune teller)
  32. Sasserine Crematorium
  33. Scarlet Spire (tomb of Sasserine, city founder)

Noble District

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